Keep Jacob Resneck on the air: an urgent appeal

DELHI, India– I’ve never asked for money and I’m not gonna now. Rather this is about my occasional employer, Free Speech Radio News.

They’re the ones that gave me my first shot at international reporting from Georgia and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Now it seems they’re about to go belly-up. So as they’re teetering toward insolvency, I thought I’d lend ’em a hand and blast out their appeal.

Those in Northern California hear their half-hour broadcast on weekday afternoons on KPFA; in New York it’s WBAI. They’re on more than 80 stations from what I understand and do some good work.

As they’re one of my primary sources of income abroad, I’ve taken a somewhat self interested interest in their ability to keep treading water. But it’s bad. They’ve cut our rates and suspended payments until at least next month. But they’re a worker-owned collective, not a private company so I’ll take them at their word that they’ll pay as soon as they can.

So here’s where you click…

Thank you and gawd bless.

Jaco out

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  1. I sent ’em a bit. Hope it helps–WE DO NEED FREE SPEECH MEDIA-nearly all gone fur sure! Come on you others-dig deep–there’s a bunch o’ mums’ journalists out a creepin’ about. And we deserve some truth -for cryin’out loud.

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