Shades of respectability (tend to spoil everything)

SARANAC LAKE, New York Well I finally done did it. I landed me a writin’ gig. For a newspaper no less. Relocated on a week’s notice to the Adirondacks where I’m a staff writer for a small daily tucked up in ‘dem mountains, just shy of Quebec.
It’s a groovy area, and I’m liking it already. Had to buy a car right away, scored a rusting Honda from a prison guard who works at the local pen. It’s upstate NY, so corrections is one of the big industries up here.
On my way back from interviewing the county District Attorney, I got pulled over by the cops. Twice. First time, I didn’t have my temporary inspection sticker properly displayed. Second time I was trying to get the dang automatic tranny to shift into overdrive, so I gunned it past (one of the) prison(s) that dots the landscape here.
Trooper got me.
Perhaps the locals are right: Upstate is a police state. Oh well, they’ve all been courteous as hell. Probably ’cause they haven’t found this blog yet. But they will.
Dunno what I’m gonna do with this thing. It was “Dispatches from Elsewhere” not from podunk Adirondackville. And I ain’t elsewhere, anymore, I even got a PO BOX for chrissakes.
Pretty soon I’m gonna be a paycheck-cashin’, rent-payin’, wageslave, deskjockey like the majority of this depraved nation, and then what is there to write about? Lemme rephrase that. What is there to write about that won’t, er, compromise my standing in this fine community?
I’m a week deep into this new life and already, I could tell ya some stories. But I ain’t on the clock. So I won’t.
So watch this space, ’cause come springtime, things will be thawing, and those freights shall beckon once more.

Happy winter, everybody.

Jaco out (on hiatus)

6 responses to “Shades of respectability (tend to spoil everything)”

  1. Jaco. Glad you finally made it back into the FICA world. Enjoying the heat wave (heard that NY City made it to 60 F today)?

    -Cousin Rick (finally, permanently non-FICA and proud of it!)

  2. Congratulations on the gig! Is it a daily, like you hoped? What are DAs like in a place like that? Here in the Bay Area, I think they get bored.

    I’m moving up in the world, too. Next week I start my new job in the Examiner’s Peninsula bureau.

  3. Jacob!
    I’m delighted to find this blog, but alas it comes as I googled your name. You see, I heard you left our little “quarter of heaven” in the Adirondacks.
    You will be missed as a reporter, even if now you will be enjoyed as a blogger.
    We could use your perspective on the North Country. What would it be, a mix of Russell Banks, Jack Kerouac and Charles Kuralt?
    Good luck on your writing career.
    Tim Merrick,
    Candidate for NYS Legislature

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